During my career, I have established interdisciplinary collaborations and worked with recognized worldwide research groups in paleobiology of small mammals. I have built an extensive collaboration network (>60 researchers, >10 countries, 5 continents) outside from the research group where I have carried out my PhD dissertation. The most recent collaboration links have been established with the University of California Davis (USA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) and University of Adelaide (Australia) in order to study paleopathologies, life history and biomechanics in past lagomorphs. I have led publications with the main results fruit of these collaborations.

Most of these partnerships result from my international exchanges (>30 months, 4 countries, 8 institutions) that allowed me to acquire essential qualities, besides to train in interdisciplinary fields.

Map legend: blue=co-authorship network, purple=cooperation institutions, at present without co-authorship; green=institutions where I was in secondment, yellow=institutions that loaned me material for carryning out my projects, and red=insititutions where I had/am having a contract.

If your are interested in my research lines or think that we can collaborate together, please feel free to get in contact. I am very open-mind and I like to learn from each other. From my point of view, interdisciplinary and collaborations are necessary to understand better the biology of past species. From GRICA, my research group at UDC, we are available to host young and senior researchers to visit our installations and know our research group with a short or long stay.

You can contact me via email, social media or leave a message in this webpage. It will be a pleasure to meet you!

Collaboration network


Collaboration network